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Kitten Care


1st vaccine from 8 weeks old

2nd vaccine given 3-4 weeks later

Boosters are given at each annual health check to maintain immunity. Please remember that this also gives us the opportunity to advise you regarding any matters that may concern you.

The vaccines protect against Cat Flu, Feline Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia Virus


Worm monthly throughout your pet’s life. Worm eggs are microscopic, and cats with their inquisitive nature and self-grooming behavior are constantly exposed to these.


Apply Prinovox every month to the back of the neck, throughout your pet’s life. Fleas are an all year round problem, nestling in carpets, skirting boards, and surviving the winter with our central heating. They irritate the skin and transmit tapeworms.

There are many different worming products available on the market, which can be obtained from supermarkets and pet shops as well as veterinary surgeons. HOWEVER, due to licensing laws products readily available from supermarkets and pet shops are not very effective and can be harmful. Therefore it is important to obtain the advice of your vet before deciding which one to use.


This is injected into the scruff of the neck and provides permanent identification in case your pet is lost or stolen. Cat flaps that recognize selected microchip numbers are available, giving you control over which cat enters your home.


Castration of male cats can be done from 6 months old. This reduces the problem of territorial spraying, distant straying to find mates, and testosterone driven aggression. The feline Aids Virus (FIV) is largely transmitted between cats through fight wounds.

Spaying of female cats can be done from 6months old. This reduces the risk of mammary tumors, pyometra (life-threatening infection of the uterus), being stalked by male cats, and unwanted pregnancies.


Hills Vet Essentials Kitten food is recommended.

The key benefits of this high quality diet include:

* Nutrients conducive to a balanced digestive tract flora for digestive security

* Highly digestible protein that help to limit intestinal fermentation

* Nutrient that traps the calcium in saliva to reduce tartar deposits

* A synergistic complex of antioxidants to supports the kittens immune defenses

This is a complete diet and does not require supplementation with different diets.

Our nurses can advise you how much to feed.

Also available are a range of prescription diets if your pet has been diagnosed with a specific condition.


Accidents and health problems are often unpredictable. Good quality healthcare can become expensive and insurance is strongly advised.

Our nurses can provide information on what to look for in selecting a policy.

We look forward to seeing your kitten grow and thrive, and are very happy to answer any queries you have about the newest member of your family.

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